“3D-360” Object Exposition

13 02 2011

First inspire yourself by looking at this image

Imagine a virtual world in your hands

Then, imaging looking at a static object in 3D, on a screen. Then, imagine the object in front of you, and move it by moving your hands through the air as if holding it (see my previous post for this method Sky touch 3D objects).

I tried to explain this graphically in this self-explanatory image, this solution would cost around €700, or, if you already have two projectors, if would cost around €150, or if you already have a 3D camera (as I have) it would cost ~€30, and if you already have polarization filters, it would cost ~€0.. Wait, I have all those things, so I will be physically testing this setup shortly:

3D-360 Virtual object interactive viewer




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