3D-360 Object in Youtube

15 02 2011

3D At home is going fast. Youtube announced it now accepts 3D content from cellphones with 3D camera’s (a few have just been released). The new Youtube 3D viewer is great: you can choose ‘anaglyph’ glasses (red/green, red/blue, etc..) or if you have a real 3D monitor you can just tell youtube what you use, and soon you can watch 3D at home as you saw Avatar.

In the video above, you can choose next to the resolution, the type of 3D viewer you are going to use.

So, how about watching products: we all know the roundshots from objects. The future then is, that we want to see 3D roundshots. Sadly, there is no easy browser-software for this (yet), but we do have the great YouTube implementation. So what you can do, is make a 360 roundshot into a short movie, a 3D movie, that rotates 360′, hence, 3D-360. “Why not just record a rotating object with a 3D video camera?” = because that is just too easy; and eventually we want to use the 3D-360 images to implement in a 3D-360 browserwindow when the time is right (~3 years?).
Let’s put this idea to the test. Project time: 1 hour.

This will be some kind of “How to make a product or object 3D 360 video”.

3D-360 Test Setup

The nice thing about a roundshot is that you change the angle. So we do not need two camera’s; instead we take “x” images, and the frames for the lefteye are then “1 to x-1” and those for the right “2 to x”. Or: in the first 3D image we use f.e. the 10deg angle and 20deg angle pictures, and in the second 3d image we use the 20deg and 30deg image; hence we re-use images, so we do not need 2 camera’s. Though, i had decided 10deg intervals would be OK for this test, i think 2~5deg would have been better, since it takes effort to see the 3D since the 10deg shift is quite big.

What we will do

  1. Take 35 pictures (35x10degs=full circle)
  2. Batch 35 pictures (Photoshop?) to square and without background
  3. Make a movie (.avi) from pictures 1-to-34 for the left eye, and another movie from pictura 2-35 for the right eye.
  4. Merge two movies together in the way youtube wants it.

Batched pictures..

Now I have used Photolapse (freeware & single .exe) to merge the two sequences into video files (.avi).

Make two movies from pictures

Then we import these two video files. We use StereoMovie maker (freeware, single .exe), actually Nasa uses this software for education.

Import two videos

Press Save Stereo (1) and reduce size (youtubes wants this format)

I ended up with these files. Now upload the right to youtube.

Now upload to YouTube, and add the tag “yt3d:enable=true” when uploading.

Then you should see this after uploading.

Now as you see from the image above, we can choose the method of 3D we want to see! Underneath here i have put the three most common 3D options next to eachother. And oh yeah, my video is 1080P, full HD ofcourse =)

When watching you can change the method of 3D you like!

Final Note

Sadly though, the 3D TV’s arent compatible YET with the Youtube3D (or YT3D). Not even all the PC 3D solutions with LCD’s and glasses are YT3D compatible yet, let alone 3D phones! But this is cutting edge: Sony announced that this summer it will incorporate the YT3D viewer in its 3D TV’s. I am convinced 3D is going to get very big, but we are not there yet. Youtube has made a nice step in the good direction!

Questions andsoforth in the comments.




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