New 3D Camera with 3D screen

27 02 2011

Friday i obtained my Fujifilm Finepix 3D W3 camera. It has dual 10MP lenses, and a real 3D (no glasses) screen, which really works as well as i have been told it would. With every picture it takes it saves one JPG from the left ‘eye’, and a ‘stereo jpeg’ ( .MPO format). Also, it records HD stereo movies, which works just as good (plain two-in-one .avi format).

The problem is, how do i show you my pictures? I can’t YET, but here is one sample YouTube video in 3D from this camera from me:

And here is one picture, if you click on it you will download a 9Mb .MPO picture

Click to download the stereo JPG

The battery lasts around 15 minutes, sadly. It is a NP-50 battery, which has 3.6V. Weirdly enough, NP-50 batterys are commonly 3.7V.. This is weird, but does not matter. The inner circuitery handles that, and plus, while discharging the voltage swings by more than just that 0.1V, so that’s nothing to worry about. I bought two extra battery’s so i have 3.




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