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Demonstrating color quality management

These are non-profit, educational, scientific, one-man projects.

I am Tim Zaman, a 22 year old student attending the Mechanical Engineering (3ME) department of the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands. Although involved in the Mechatronics and DCSC department, and lately mastering within the dept. of Mechanical Engineering; in Biomechanical Engineering; specializing in Biorobotics, these projects, are not directly linked to the University. Although i have only a small interest in biology, biorobotics turns out to teach robotics in a realistic manner, keeping reference to practical life, instead of applying robotics generally hypothetical, ‘in the cloud’.

Due to my background I have been playing and working with digital camera’s since the very first versions, the same counts for the Adobe Photoshop packages. Since 2006 i have been working with Mathworks’ Matlab. Since 2009 I have been involved in many projects that work on image quality (-workflow)(and processing).

More recently I have been experimenting with some 3D applications using several camera’s, Kinects and Wiimotes.


I would appreciate it if you left a comment below, or send me a more personal email at “timbobel @ gmail.com”

Or you can contact me through LinkedIn or check my YouTube channel on which all relevant video’s are posted.

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2 responses

23 03 2011

Hi Tim,

I have read your valuable posts about Kinect with matlab, Now i am successfully gettinng RGB and depth image, but i want to store these images in Movie file, Please help me in this regard.

I am very new to Kinect:)

Thanks in advance

23 03 2011
Tim Zaman

Use a freeware program for this: CamStudio

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