Website moved

5 04 2011

This blog is inactive from now on, and has moved to:
This website is bilingual (Dutch and English), and contains all the code that is available on this website already, but in a better format, better images and clear downloads. Also, it looks a lot better!


TU Delft Robotics Lab

10 03 2011

Website moved, new website HERE
Today I worked in the Distributed Robotics Lab of the TU Delft (DCSC) again. Sadly though, a student colleague was already working on the only computer, so I had to work on this trusty beast:

My desk at the Technical University in Delft

Okay so no, obviously I took my own laptop with me to the university like i always do. Why we have fixed computers (that get recycled every year) at all at the TU Delft is beyond me; they are slow, unreliable and inflexible. Though still it is fairly serious that this computer is actually standing there, untouched for the last 10 or so years. i mean.. a floppy.. is lieing still ON THE KEYBOARD!? (actually there is a reason why this is like this, has to do with a stubborn professor, but no-one dares to talk about it, i’m serious.)

Tweede Kamer Touchscreens

1 02 2011

At the Dutch parliament (Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal) they have got touch-screens which you can use so you can see information about the people that reside there. The screens themselves are great, they are set-up in big tables and can be used by up to four persons at a time. So far i have seen two set-up. The idea was great, but the software was (sorry..) dreadful. I was expecting at least Windows 7 multitouch, but it was not at all, there was no such thing as a multi touch actually. It was more like single touch. The interface looks great, the information is A+, really nice. But, the software is very slow although graphically it is not intensive at all. I had some errors, one of them was the worst; the one where you accidentally touched the screen with more than only 1 finger, then the software got in some brilliant loop. Although camera’s are not allowed I filmed the experience.


15 01 2011

Welcome to this new website. The website still has to prove itself by content that will be provided by myself, with pieces that i wrote about different subjects that i am working on in my free time. This website will serve as my notebook or reference, and that i can share in order to easily share some information that i gathered, because i have gathered information provided by others in the past.