New Paper: De Invloed van de Achtergrond bij de Opname van een Opzicht

22 03 2011

A new paper has finally been finished. You can see it either by pressing the paper button in the menu or press the link below:

If anything, it includes many typo’s. It is a very early release, any comments and notes could be sent through e-mail.

unrevised draft

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3D Photographic Exposition

13 02 2011

Lately I was thinking about how one could give an affordable 3D photographic exposition for still images. Obvisouly this is possible by just taking a 3D projector or a 3D ready computer/tv screen, and showing the 3D image with shutterglasses. But that’s more for video, and that solution is too expensive (>€500 per exposed image) and complex for photographic exhibitions. So last night before I fell asleep i solved my problem for about €50 per exposed picture. Also, for this we do not need €100 shutterglasses, but can keep it for easily available €1~€ 3 polarized glasses.

I have tried to explain my idea graphically, which is self explanatory. So you only need a transparant negative of every image, which anyone can print on transparant paper. The offset and skew you introduce by the fact that the projectors are side-by-side you solve by skewing the images fysically on the projector, or calculate it by software, skew them in photoshot, and print afterwards.

3D Photographic Exhibition solution


Implementation of this set-up would be either projecting from the back of the projection sheet, with the viewer in front. Otherwise the projectors could be mounted on the ceiling, or otherwise very generally in front of the sheet, next to the viewer. Every viewer should wear low-cost polarized glasses.